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Math Trainer has been developed to train mental arithmetic in a fun environment.

It can be used by students and adults alike. If you use this application on a regular basis this will improve your mathematical skills significantly. Just a few minutes per day will keep your brain young and efficient. We tried to make this application interesting by offering you three different disciplines so you won‘t get bored by repeating the same type of exercises again and again.

Math Trainer is simple to use and it only takes a few minutes to complete a set of exercises. Therefore, you can use it wherever you have some spare time sitting in a restaurant or waiting for the bus.

Because Math Trainer supports multiple profiles, you can share this application with your family and friends. Each user can setup his own environment and has its own score history. View the graphical score diagram to see how you are performing over time.

Try it - you‘ll like it. Don‘t go for less!

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Math Trainer supports multiple profiles.

Each profile can have its own settings. You can use this feature to create profiles for different persons, e.g., your family members.

Or you could use profiles for different purposes, e.g., one profile for multiplying large numbers, another for addition and subtraction only. Use multiple profiles to configure your personal training environment.You can adjust the complexity and kind of exercises for each profile individually.


Plus Button

Use the ‘+‘-button for creating new profiles.


Edit buttonUse the Edit mode to change profile settings or to delete profiles.


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No more frustration with exercises

Therefore, you can adapt the exercises to the age and the skill level of each user no matter if she‘s a first grader or an adult. No more frustration with exercises that are out of reach.

Using the slider you can adjust the number range. This will set the maximum range for all exercises from 20 - 10,000.

You can also select, which operations you would like to train. You can suppress operators by switching them off.

For example, if you switch off ‘-‘ no more subtraction exercises will be used.


If all exercises look the same, it gets boring. Especially kids need variations to keep their attention. We took this into account.

Therefore, Math Trainer offers you three different disciplines to choose from. Not only do they look different, they actually need different skills to solve the exercises:

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Simple Exercises

This is straight mental arithmetic. Just enter your result using the iPhone keypad and press the “Done“-button.

No help is given, so you have to calculate the result yourself.

Multiple Choice Exercises

Multiple Choice Exercises

For each exercise, six possible solutions are proposed.

Select the correct result by pressing the corresponding button.

Here, your can try to do quick estimates instead of a lengthy computation to speed up your decision.

Equation Chain Exercises

Equation Chain Exercises

This is the most challenging mode.

Five equations are shown.Your task is to order these equations such that the result of the previous equation equals the first operand of the next equation.

So you must compute the results for all equations and sort them in the right order!

You can train each discipline separately as often as you like. Math Trainer keeps track of your individual results for each discipline. And it offers you a total score for all disciplines combined. Your score depends on the time you need and the number of errors you make.

Only correct results are rated.

This emphasizes correctness over speed, which especially kids tend to forget!

Score Diagramm

Math Trainer emphasizes regular training.

Therefore, it shows how you are doing over time by keeping a history of scores. Your results are presented in a list, which can be sorted by date and by score.

Additionally, all results are plotted in a diagram to give you a quick color-coded overview of your performance.

For each set of exercises all details like time and errors are shown. Use the diagram to see how your skills are improving over time. By analyzing the date and time information together with your error rate you can even find out what time of day your are the most productive.


Use this to your advantage!

Math Trainer keeps a separate score history for each discipline and for the combined total. You can even adjust the number of exercises.

Depending on how much time you can spare, or how long your kid can concentrate, select between 5 and 50 exercises per set. Each with its own score history.

Finally, because each user can have a different profile, there is no global high score.

We didn‘t concentrate on competition.

Instead we emphasize that each individual user should aim forhis personal best!

mathtrainer screen on iphone

Math Trainer is a diverse application to train mathematical skills.
It's like having a personal trainer for your brain.

And it's fun too!

Please contact us, if you need support or a helping hand.

So enjoy Math Trainer - and buy it today from the App Store!

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